People Involved

Ricard Galvany
Gustavo Patow


example graphic

The Knight Lore 2006 project aims at building some sort of remake of the mithical game Knight Lore (English. Just in case, a description in Spanish) but trying to use a completely new approach. Instead of re-building the game from the ground up, we did a Knight Lore-oriented modification of a ZX Spectrum emulator. This modification consisted of adding a 3D render view of the same visual elements the game itself is displaying. For that, we bypassed the original Knigh Lore rendering algorithm (actually, we preserved it, but in a separate window), and replaced it by our own high level, OpenGL-based 3D rendering algorithm. For that, we reverse-egeniered the game, understood what the rendering routines do and used that same data the game generated to show our 3D screen. Results can be seen in the screen captures below.

Some results

Here you can see the original view and a different view of our modified system. Our current implementation shows both views simultaneously.

example graphic

Another example, this time with the original view (lower right) and three new perspective views.

example graphic


All available documentation (Ricard's final project) is fully in Spanish, and can be downloaded here. Should you need any explanation beyond the this, do not hesitate to contact me.


Our last version, dated September 2006, can be downloaded here!!

Just in case you want to play the original game, emulators and the rom can be found in World of Spectrum.