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Personal Info

I'm an Associate Professor at the Departament d'Informàtica i Matemàtica Aplicada, Universitat de Girona, SPAIN. I got my PhD from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya under the supervision of Xavier Pueyo and Alvar Vinacua working on Inverse Rendering Problems.
I'm part of the Geometry and Graphics Group (GGG).


My own bookmarks. Also, you can see my VRML essais!


My main interest is related to Computer Graphics in general and Rendering Techniques and Procedural Modeling in particular. Right now I'm working on Inverse Rendering Problems, specifically on Inverse Reflector Design, real-time rendering problems and Procedural Modeling techniques with special emphasis on procedural cities. From some more information on this topis and my work in general, the reader is encouraged to visit my publications page.

I'm the current local organizing chair of the Eurographics 2013 conference, which will be held here, at Girona.

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Development Projects

I'm involved, either as advisor, either as collaborator, or as coder, in a number of projects. You can find some of them here.


I lecture both undergraduate courses and Master courses. Also, I advise undergraduate final projects ("Projecte de Fi de Carrera", or "PFC") and master thesis. This year I'm lecturing at undergrad courses:

and, for the Master (Master in Industrial Computing and Automatic Control (MIIACS)):


I have the oportunity to work with a few of the most talented students. They are:

PhD Students

Master' students

Former students

  • Ismael Garcia (Master, UdG) - Co-advised with Mateu Sbert
  • Jordi Marco (Master, UdG) - Co-advised with Eric Reinhard
  • Alessandra Mosca (Master, Politecnico di Torino, III Facolta di Ingegneria, Master of science in Computer and communication networks, Italy)
  • Oriol Pueyo Vallet (Master, UdG)
  • Carles Creus Lopez (Master, UPC, Barcelona, Spain)
  • Isaac Besora Vilardaga. Co-advised with Carlos Andujar (Master, UPC, Barcelona, Spain)

  • Albert Mas (PhD, UdG)
  • Ismael Garcia (PhD, UdG)
  • Francisco Gonzalez (PhD, UdG)


By the way, everybody should have his own MURPHY law. Mine is:
Law: Given a system with all its variables but one under strict control, such free variable will evolve in order to produce the largest damage possible.
And it has its logical
Corollary: When a free variable in an otherwise totally controlled system is only able to evolve in the positive direction (i.e. only producing beneficial results), it will remain stationary until further movement completely loses its meaning.

Work Address

Gustavo Ariel PATOW.
Grup de Grafics de Girona.
Departament d'Informàtica i Matemàtica Aplicada.
Universitat de Girona.
Edifici P-IV, Campus Montilivi.
E-17071 - Girona (Girona).

tel: (+34) 972 41 88 32
fax: (+34) 972 41 87 92

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