Workshop Timetable:
Tuesday 27thMay

Registration (Afternoon)
Opening Session (3pm)
Scientific Sessions (to 6:30pm)
Social Event (evening)

Wednesday 28th May
Scientific Sessions (9am – 7pm)
Thursday 29th May

Scientific Sessions (9am – 1:30pm)
Workshop Excursion & Dinner (1:30pm onwards)

Friday 30th May Scientific Sessions (9am – 7pm)
Including Closing Session

Invited lectures:
Opening session John Aitchison (University of Glasgow)
Invited Lecture Antony C. Atkinson (London School of Economics)
Invited Lecture Volkmar Liebscher (Universitšt Greifswald)

Short Course Timetable:
Monday 26th May Short Course (10am – 6pm)
Tuesday 27thMay Short Course (10am – 1pm)