Last update:
November 2010.

Let me write a few words about my family. I got married to Elisabet in 2003 and we have  two sons: Aleix (or Alessio, in Italian, as we used to call him during a one-year stay in Trento), and Arnau, who have been our  happiness and the focus of our attention since they were born on 6th of May 2005 and 1st of November 2008, respectively. Part of the year, we live in Girona, which is a nice historical city in the North-East of Spain. It is located between the mountains of the Pyrenees and the Costa Brava. In my opinion, Girona is a nice place to live in. The rest of the year we live in Canet de Mar, a village by the sea where I was born, and located close to Barcelona (about 40 Km. away).

Trento - Italy

Canet de Mar - Barcelona - Catalonia