PhD Thesis

Continuity and interpolation techniques for Computer Graphics. Francisco González García. Advisor: Gustavo Patow. Universitat de Girona. 2013. PhD Thesis

Journal papers

*Cages for mesh deformation. Teresa Paradinas, Francisco González García, Narcís Coll and Gustavo Patow. To be published in ACM Transactions on Graphics 2013 and presented at SIGGRAPH 2013. Project Web Page
Continuity Mapping for Multi-chart Textures. Francisco González and Gustavo Patow. ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proc. SIGGRAPH Asia 2009). Project Web Page
A Unified Information-Theoretic Framework for Viewpoint Selection and Mesh Saliency. Miquel Feixas, Mateu Sbert and Francisco González. ACM Transactions on Applied Perception (TAP). Volume 6, Issue 1 (February 2009), Article No. 1. ISSN:1544-3558. Project Web Page
Viewpoint-based Ambient Occlusion. Francisco González, Mateu Sbert and Miquel Feixas. IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications (IEE CG&A). Volume 28, Issue 2 (March - April 2008), Pages 44 - 51, ISSN:0272-1716. Project Web Page

Conference papers

View-based Shape Similarity using Mutual Information Spheres. Francisco González, Miquel Feixas and Mateu Sbert. Eurographics'07 Short Paper, Prague, Czech Republic, September 3-7, 2007.
An Information-Theoretic Ambient Occlusion.Francisco González, Mateu Sbert and Miquel Feixas. International Symposium on Computational Aesthetics in Graphics, Visualization, and Imaging. Banff (Canada), 2007.
Viewpoint quality: measures and applications. M.Sbert, D.Plemenos, M.Feixas and F.González. Eurographics Workshop on Computational Aesthetics in Graphics, Visualization and Imaging, Girona (Spain), 2005.


The Viewpoint Channel: An Information-Theoretic Framework for Viewpoint Selection, Ambient Occlusion and Shape Similarity. Francisco González García. Master Thesis, MASTER IN COMPUTING. Universitat de Girona. 2007.