Gustavo Patow

essays on VRML97

pop-up Windows for VRML97.
Tinker Boy (Base Model - Maestri's LoA [1]).
Tinker Boy (Base Model - LoA 1 [1]).
Tinker Boy (LoA1) Sitting.
Lego Minifigure (LoA 1/2) [2].

Done with:


[1] LoA == Level of Articulation. Suggested body dimensions and levels of articulation are provided in the standard for information only and are not required by the H-Anim specification. The H-Anim standard suggests LoA 0, LoA 1, LoA 2 and LoA 3, but, of course, different deffinitions can be used...

[2]This Lego minifig was created by adapting an LDraw minifig to the H-Anim standard. It tryies to follow LoA1, but with fewer articulations. That's why I called it LoA 1/2 :-)

Last modified: Saturday, Nov 27, 2010